The Geodesic Dome: Excerpt from The Kingdom by Apostle F. Nolan Ball

In pursuing Yahshua the Christ of Yahweh, my heart has been to know Him and to find in Him my purpose. With me, it has never been about heaven–what it will be, nor how to get there. My thinking has been, if I can know His purpose for me and accomplish it, everything else will be alright. I have found great comfort and an enduring rest in Yahshua’s word found in John 7:17: “If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know….”

For me, doing the stuff, such as fervently praying, fasting, or whatever, has not resulted in my knowing the way of the Lord. But, as I have rested at the close of my “day,” i.e. a span of time during which I had very clear and concise knowledge of what I was to do and/or say, I have entered into a sabbath–a time of rest and refreshing. I have found that accomplishing Yahweh’s purpose does not require me to be busy working, working, working, day and night. Our failure–or perhaps I should say, my repeated failures–to observe and enjoy Yahweh’s rests, has without a doubt provided my adversary opportunity to find an opening in my defense. But, Yahweh is gracious and long-suffering with His children and I am certain that my “times of repentance” have provided Yahweh access into my life for the purpose of putting me back on track that I may continue pursuing Him and His purposes for me.

In bringing a close to this small book, I will write a very simple, yet profound explanation of how Holy Spirit will spiritually–not physically–join together all the members of this one thing called the Body of Christ, the Ekklesia.

In writing of the resurrection of our bodies, the Apostle Paul stated that the order is, “…first the natural and afterward the spiritual.” I Corinthians 15:46. For myself, concerning the receiving of revelation, the order most often is first the spiritual, then the natural. For instance, concerning the various governments of man, the first government was Yahweh’s, i.e., the family. That was and is Holy Spirit’s order; it is what He empowers, it is the one form from which He can work from the inside-out. The natural man’s government is always designed to appeal to man’s lower nature–not his highest and finest.

If Yahweh were an ice cream maker, there would be only one flavor. On the other hand, man seeks to cater to the flesh, à la Baskin-Robbins® 31 flavors.

It has long been quoted: “You cannot learn anything new if you are doing all the talking.” But, years ago, there was a day when I spoke in disagreement with that axiom: “You can learn many new things if you will talk in the Spirit.” Many times, I have been talking to another person (or to myself if no one is present) and in the moment I realize that I have just learned something I never knew. Did not Apostle Paul say that he who speaks in the Holy Spirit, speaks mysteries? Yes, he did. It has occurred many times to me.

Years ago, I began saying, “Theoretically it would be possible to build a dome that would cover an entire hemisphere of the earth without any supporting columns, if you had a strong foundation that encircled the equator. Later I began hearing about and reading about a concept introduced by Buckminster Fuller, about 1948, called the geodesic dome. As soon as I saw one, I realized that this was a physical expression of the spiritual law that would enable all Believers to be related to all the members of the world-wide Ekklesia, apart from any doctrinal or denominational ties. This was exciting and encouraging to me, because in my preparation to exit the Assemblies of God churches, Holy Spirit had explicitly instructed me to not join any man-controlled religious system, no matter how attractive it would be. Also, I was instructed to never organize something others could join. Additionally, I was told to never establish a litmus test of doctrines by which I would relate to others.

Once I understood the geodesic dome and transferred that concept from the physical to the spiritual, I immediately understood how Believers throughout the earth can be spiritually one with all other Believers.

Later, I came to “see” that the dome conforms to the principle found in all of Yahweh’s plans for man: the beginning and the ending are always the same.

Some polygons used to constitute a dome are triangular, such as the dome at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in central Florida. Some domes such as you see in some soccer balls are a combination of two different polygons, e.g., triangles and hexagons (six sides).

My understanding of the geodesic dome as it pertains to the unity of all Believers is that each polygon, no matter its shape, represents one family of Believers. I believe that a group of five-fold ministers whose association with one another revolves around an apostle or around an apostle and a prophet who are joined together by Holy Spirit for a common purpose, constitutes a family–the family being Yahweh’s basic unit for all human activities and interaction with other families.

Yahweh’s order has been, is, and shall be generational in nature: fathers produce sons and daughters, constituting a family. Through extension by marriage, many families make a tribe. Many tribes make a Holy Nation.

As I presently understand this matter, I, as a founding father, along with those “sons” now joined to me by the Spirit and not by obligation, constitute a clan. In the process of walking this out, I meet and am joined to the fathers of other clans, thus we together become a Holy Nation. In time, the processing of Holy Spirit will join these spiritual nations together so that the promise of the knowledge of Yahweh’s glory filling the earth, shall be fulfilled!

Religion cannot prevent this promise from being fulfilled, though it may hinder. If men become impatient and seek to legislate this fusion of the many into one, that will hinder. If men, called, gifted and anointed to step into their roles as apostles, refuse to do so, that will hinder, but it cannot prevent what is to be. If we become impatient and attempt to bring these various units into a communion other than that which is fostered by Holy Spirit, that will hinder, but not prevent.

Ultimately, Holy Spirit will have His way; that which He has given to Yahweh’s holy apostles and prophets to speak, shall come to reality. Men will no longer be peering through a glass darkly nor will their ears not hear what Holy Spirit is speaking; we shall all be without excuse.

We may choose to be in line with this great move of Holy Spirit or not, but either with us or without us, the Kingdom of Christ will appear in the earth and His will shall be done.


Nolan Ball, Apostle


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