Dreams – Apostle F. Nolan Ball

Lay down your dream and take up Yahweh’s.”  Apostle F. Nolan Ball


I think the great shame, the great reproach upon us, is that we do not ask abundantly. We do not ask in an exaggerated way. Yahweh is wanting to do more. He is wanting to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think. So if we can think it, it is not too much. If we can dream it, it is not too much. Not many of us are in danger of overstepping the bounds by asking Yahweh for too much. Most of us are not pushing the limits.

 Every Believer, every inventor, every visionary can testify that you do not ever move into the realization of your vision without difficulty. Every prophetic word of Yahweh has to be conceived by a man or a woman in that person’s spirit before it can be brought from the spirit realm into the natural realm.

The long journey toward the realization of our dreams and the attainment of our goals can cause us to become discouraged with our hands hanging limply and our feet straying from the straight path, unless we occasionally pause long enough to look back and see that we have already come a long way and have already won many victories.

Keep on talking. Keep on walking. The dream is bigger than you can understand. The vision may be yet for an appointed time. But if you keep on walking, you are going to wind up in the right place, and you are going to be right on time.

I do not believe you can fulfill the dreams and the visions that Yahweh births in your heart without accusations. Joseph was not the last one to hear a sarcastic, “Here comes the dreamer,” nor was David the last to hear, “What does a shepherd boy know about fighting giants?”

When you begin to talk about your dreams, and the anointing becomes evident on you, you will become a threat to those who have the position to which you are called. No dream will ever become a reality until you are willing to put it on the line. Until you are willing to declare out of your own mouth what you intend to do and be, you will never move toward the fulfillment of it.

When you dare to put the dream of your spirit into words that can be heard and interpreted (or misinterpreted) by other people, then Yahweh will begin the formation and the realization of your dream. You must be willing to take a stand against Mama and Daddy, against brother and sister —against whomever— if you are going to realize the dream Yahweh put into your heart. Your fiercest enemy may very well be those of your own house. Those who know you best (after the flesh) will probably be the ones who understand you the least.

A dream unfulfilled becomes a mockery.

Like it or not, we all must face the reality that there are some dreams we will never see fulfilled, and in the Heavenly Father’s wisdom He never intended that we would fulfill all of the dreams that we have. Some of our dreams must, of necessity, belong to our children and our children’s children. Yahweh is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Joseph was able to interpret other people’s dreams and visions because he had learned by Holy Spirit to interpret and realize the dreams and visions of his own heart. Do not tell your dreams and visions to those who are void of Yahweh’s Spirit.

“I will persevere until I hold in my hand the dream I hold in my heart.” – Apostle F. Nolan Ball

Apostle F. Nolan Ball – The Rock of Panama City 46th Anniversary

We are very blessed here at The Rock of Panama City to celebrate 46 incredible years of ministry. Holy Spirit has guided us through every step of the way and we are so thankful. This is only the beginning…

The Purpose of The Kingdom – Written in 2011 by Apostle F. Nolan Ball

The term “The Kingdom of God,” is being used more and more among church people, for which I would be rejoicing, except for the fact that I believe most people are doing so because it is the vogue thing to do in this day and time.  While they say “kingdom,” they are visualizing “heaven.”  They use terms that would indicate they are thinking “here and now,” but are actually visualizing “there and then,” as in “won’t it be wonderful there.”

Let me draw some lessons from the just-ended space shuttle program.  NASA’s vision was never to change the government nor the climate of the atmospheric “heaven” it was invading.  From the moment the astronauts were strapped in their shuttle, they were committed to invading a hostile environment, but their mission was never for the purpose of changing that environment.  Their purpose was to learn from that environment and prove that man can live in and even prosper in a deadly and hostile environment, but only if he is encapsulated in an “earth suit” and connected to the vitals, such as oxygen, water and food, which can only be provided by earth.  Also, the pressure around his body must be maintained at the same pressure as what he experiences when living on the earth, in his earth suit.  We are, after all, “…of the earth, earthy.”

The vision of NASA was never that of subduing space and imposing earth’s government upon it.  The goal was how to invade what to man is a deadly environment, learn from it, and return safely to earth, which is his natural environment and from which he needs no special protection.

Now, let’s look at and consider carefully our assignment as it was given by Yahshua.

There was nothing about Yahshua’s preaching that was ambiguous, from the very beginning it was clear; He came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom and made very clear that His Kingdom is not of this world when He said,  “…pray, ‘Thy Kingdom (Yahweh’s Kingdom) come, Thy will be done as it is in heaven (spirit realm),’” so let it be done in the earth.

The purpose of the Kingdom is not to displace the kingdoms of this world, i.e., the Babylonian system, but to (by Holy Spirit) establish Yahweh’s Kingdom for the purpose of giving people an option.  Men talk of the church as though  it  is the Kingdom of God.  Not so.  The word “church” in no way captures and expresses the picture Yahshua had in His mind, when He said, “I will build….”

None of the teachings and discourses of Yahshua that are recorded in Scripture, make any practical sense, if they are not set in the context of “Kingdom” thought.  For instance, why would we need to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” if we were not establishing another government, an alien government, complete with its own officers, its own culture, etc., in the same area and among the same people?

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us.  First, we must dismantle the old system and totally remove it.  Nothing of the old will fit into the new; it has no redeeming qualities.  For this to take place under the all-seeing eye of the present Babylonian systems, it must first be done in, of, and by the power of Holy Spirit.  The physical must never precede the spiritual.  The tendency of those who follow the pioneers is to focus on the physical expression of the anointing, rather than discerning the Spirit of Christ or the anointing from which the physical originated.

Through we try, we cannot measure the anointing; it cannot be weighed, measured or assayed by any means known to man.  But, the result of the applied anointing can be measured, so that is what we do.  How many, how much, how long, how traumatic, etc., those are how the results of the applied power of the anointing are reported to following generations.  So, because the focus of the natural man is almost always on that which can be measured and recorded, then the following generation of leadership endeavors to reproduce the same or larger measurements, little attention is given to the spiritual–the anointing–by succeeding leadership, little place is given to the anointing by which the beginning began.  And so, the cycle begins again: prophet, priest, scribe, educator.

I cannot recall one church growth conference that focused on the anointing; they are all about the results.

I remind us all, Yahshua never left us a plan, nor a program.  He sent us the Person of Holy Spirit, with the promise that when we receive Him and submit ourselves to Him, we shall be endued with power.  Miracles, healings, signs and wonders, are all expressions of power.  But, so are: discernment, a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge, a word of prophecy, the casting out of demons, and on and on.  Let us follow hard after the “Sent One,” rather than the “Sender.”

Eva Testimonial

This is Eva from our house, The Rock of Panama City, sharing her heart about how she came to know Yahweh, the Kingdom, and the people at The Rock of Panama City. “My life has forever been changed by meeting Apostle Nolan Ball. He has taught me about hearing the Holy Spirit for myself, and I am now free from the religious mindset of most churches today. My life and my family are blessed and I am so thankful for The Rock of Panama City and Apostle F. Nolan Ball.” -Eva Gerlecz

Apostle F. Nolan Ball

F. Nolan Ball is an apostle to the Body of Christ. In July 1969, he and Shirley, his wife, came to the church now known as The Rock of Panama City. Up to this present time, the church continues to grow and extend its ministry–locally and internationally. The ministry is overseen by Apostle Ball, working with a Presbytery of Elders representing the five-fold ministry. In addition to these responsibilities, Apostle Ball relates to and oversees the establishing of other men and churches. He is the author of three books: ”God’s Plan for Financing the Ministry” (available in English, Russian, and Spanish), “Quotes from a Modern Day Apostle,” and “The Kingdom: What Will it Look Like and How Will it Come to Be?” – all available in The Rock Online Bookstore (Media & Resources).

Nolan Ball was born in 1929 in Green County, Mississippi. His father was a sawmill worker. He has one sister, Johnnie Ruth. He attended schools in Avery,Mississippi; Gulf Hammock, Florida; Bronson, Florida, and Bay Minette, Alabama. In 1951, he met and married Shirley Navello of London, England. They have three daughters and one son, five living grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters. Nolan served in the U.S. Air Force 1947-51, with the rank of Sergeant. Following his Air Force service, Nolan worked for a financial institution until he entered college in 1954, following his and Shirley’s conversion to Christ in 1953.

He graduated from Southeastern College in Lakeland, Florida in 1957, with honors, and from Florida Southern College in 1958, with honors. He is a member of Delta Epsilon Chi.

During the years of 1957-1986, Nolan and Shirley pastored churches of the Assemblies of God in Lakeland, Florida; Angel City, Florida; Talladega, Alabama; Tallahassee, Florida, and Panama City, Florida. He served both as a District Presbyter in the Alabama and West Florida Districts of the Assemblies of God, and as a General Council Presbyter from the West Florida District.

He has worked with national leaders in Peru, South America; Jamaica, West Indies; Kenya, East Africa, and Zaire, West Africa to establish churches.

Apostle Ball has served as the senior minister of The Rock of Panama City, formerly Dirego Park Assembly of God, since 1969. In 1986, in order to more fully pursue the purposes of Yahweh, Apostle Ball and The Rock of Panama City withdrew from the Assemblies of God with a good record and a good attitude. The primary reason for withdrawal from the denomination was to be able to raise up, send out, establish and release others whom God had called into the ministry.

Apostle Ball is a spiritual father to numerous men who have come to him and submitted themselves to him for the purpose of becoming spiritual sons. In time each man is raised up and sent out to other cities where, with apostolic oversight and financial support, that man establishes and builds his own “house.” As of September 2013, the number of “sons” sent out is twenty-four.